Colorful Beautiful Plentiful Shopping - Only in Tunis

Experience unforgettable shopping in the souks and Medina of Tunis

Utter this one word "souk" and see how miraculously it works and turns out to be wondrous for your shopping mania. In Tunis this is a magical word that points to all the pivotal areas of amazing shopping including each and every item one needs.

Wishes are many but wardrobes are limited, one has to make up one's mind selectively from where to begin and where to stop shopping in Tunis. Actually Tunis goes overbold in stating itself the distinguished city dealing in decorative special handicrafts more over handmade. You wish and name what you want to buy; Tunis has it. Tunisian pottery, handicrafts, choicest carpets and smart rugs stylishly woven just to woo the customers are among the top things to make notice of. Elegant jewellery especially the silver one and capturing perfumes come at second place to talk about.

For having relishing shopping Central Market is the rightist choice. Eyes are fixed on items and mind enjoys freshly served feasts simultaneously. But make sure that you prove to be a best haggler as local sellers charge exorbitantly.

Tourists must visit New Town to try their hands on. Medina shops entertain you throughout the week except on Sundays.

Empty your pocket and enjoy wares, antiques, craft designs tradionally and handmade, books, pottery, jewellery, carpets, perfumes and anything on your mind in Tunis.