Nightlife in Tunisia


Travel lovers do say that Tunisia is not replete with nightlife. And there is no doubt in it that Tunisia has dearth of sizzling and glitzy nightlife. In fact there nights are not very noisy but it is rather calm and tranquil. One more significant aspect about Tunis nightlife is that selection of a good are while moving out at late evening or night is highly advisable.

Nightlife in Tunisia is not broad and beautiful but at the same time, few chosen and selected clubs, music and theatre adds charm to whole of it. Bars, pubs, clubs are not easy hunt in Tunis. Yes the tourist find it hard nut to crack while looking for best place to meet their taste as well as their safety when in Tunisia.

When you are in Tunisia you must visit Theatre d' Art Ben Abdallah where one can enjoy best movies as well as plays leisurely to have quality time for sure. The plays are mostly in French language. There are regular dramas and concerts that grab maximum attention of the locals and of the tourists also.

Melodious and classical music relaxes your mind. Live music shows and concerts spell bound the spectators absolutely. Le Boeuf sur le Toit is a name to utter where crowds move towards just to enjoy live music and Jazz.

As far as the best places to enjoy in Tunisia are concerned, Hammamet is recommended by most frequent visitors as the nightlife there is bubbling and busy. Sousse is another popular location. But women don't feel very cozy there as most of the bars in that area indulge in strippers, hookers and even selling of women too.